Anyone can be an affiliate

You may be an overworked designer looking to cut down your workload, or you're interested in selling websites - why not send projects our way instead?

You'll collect a commission and we take care of the rest - including building the website, adding the content, applying basic search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as providing hosting and support.

The more sites you bring to us, the bigger your commission!

1 Website
2-5 Websites
6-9 Websites
10+ Websites

The commissions are cumulative i.e. you don't have to bring us 10 or more websites all at once to earn the 20% level of commission - if you bring us 10 websites over your time working with us then your commission reaches 20% at the tenth and remains active for every subsequent website beyond that number.

The incentive is to bring us your work or prospects and we'll reward you with a higher commission as the number of confirmed projects increases.

How it works:

Commission process
Scenario 1
You bring us your first client who needs a new website or an existing site redevelopment, we quote $2,000 (as an example) and they accept - once they've paid the first instalment of the web development, we pay you the 5% commission which is $100. If, and when, you bring us a second client - and that client accepts - your commission on individual projects increases to 10%.

Scenario 2
You bring us a sixth client, having had five previous clients who've accepted our quotes. We quote the sixth client $2,000 (as an example) for their website development, which they accept. Once they've paid the first instalment of the proposed build, we pay you the 15% commission, which would be $300, as you will have moved into the 6-9 websites bracket.

Overall, in Scenario 2, across all six accepted projects - and using an example estimate of $2,000 per project - you would have earned $1,200 in total commissions.

If you know people who are after a quality website, or their current site needs a makeover, then it's a great way to earn $$$!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any obligation to provide Tierra Creative with website leads?

No, your level of involvement is up to you. You can either:
  • Let us know the person, company or organisation who is interested in getting a new or redeveloped website and we contact them to discuss the details; or
  • You provide us with the specifications on behalf of these entities, we quote to you and you liaise with the client directly.
We can provide the development contract to the potential client direct (keeping you in the loop) or via you, if you're acting as an intermediary.

If the client signs off on the development contact, we then we pay you the commission upon the first instalment being paid by them.

If the client decides not to proceed then no commission is due.

There are no obligations beyond the scenario outlined above.

Who is this programme for?

Anyone who knows a person, company or organisation that is looking for a website, or a revamp of their current site.

If you're looking to earn some extra money then you can let us know about people who are looking for websites; the only caveat is that they must be actively seeking a new website - just providing us with a company name will not do. Ideally we need the name, contact number and e-mail, and company name of the interested party if we're to get in touch with them.

This programme is also ideal for Designers; if you've got clients who want websites and you're looking for a safe and reputable web development agency to build, host, monitor and provide support for the site then this could be a good relationship for you.

We can also work with the designs you provide. If building and maintaining websites is a hassle, let us do that part!

When would I get paid?

The commission is earned when a website agreement is signed by the relevant person, company or organisation and the first instalment has been paid.

Once this happens we will directly pay you your commission.

Are there any assets for me to use?

Yes. We can provide information about content management systems and our hosting environment on request.

What systems do you use?

Primarily we use Kentico CMS because it is a high quality, secure content management system with lots of great features. It's easy to use and comes with its own image editor. It's highly recommended for individuals or businesses of any size. Read more about Kentico CMS here.

We can also provide Wordpress websites too though we tend to operate these based on third party themes rather than supplied designs. Read more about Wordpress here.

I have a website design for a client, can you work with that?

Yes, we would use Kentico CMS for this as it allows us greater latitude in faithfully recreating your design as a website.

Read more about the great features and benefits of Kentico CMS here.

What does a typical website cost?

It depends on the requirements but a simple website can cost anywhere between $750 NZD - $1,500NZD.

More involved websites, such as e-commerce, can be anywhere between $1,500 NZD to $5,000 NZD depending on what functionality is needed.

Larger corporate websites can cost between $2,500 NZD to $15,000 NZD, depending on the specifications and the amount of work involved.

Custom applications can be $10,000 NZD and above, depending on the specifications and the amount of work involved.

Hosting can be from $40 NZD / month for Wordpress websites (depending on the requirements) and from $60 NZD / month for Kentico CMS websites (again, depending on the requirements).

We look at the specifications and estimate the development costs and hosting based on those.

What locations do you cover?

Currently we operate in New Zealand, Australia and the United States so providing us with leads from these locations would be great!

We are also happy to consider any other locations as long as they are technically feasible.

Tierra Creative are based primarily in New Zealand and our server infrastructure for Kentico CMS is located in the US with a highly reputable global hosting company called INAP - we do operate websites for companies with a global outlook so our environment is geared up for that outcome. We also have servers for Wordpress sites in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Anything else I need to know?

It's a pretty simple system with no obligations - if we get project work from your leads then you earn a commission on that sale.

One thing to be aware of is that any income you make as an Affiliate will likely count against your annual income and may impact your taxation status. Under this association you are solely responsible for any tax that is due on your Affiliate earnings.

If you are in any doubt about the tax or any other implications of being an Affiliate, please consult a qualified professional.

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